Car Maintenance Tips And Tricks


Cars have a crucial role to play in every household. Adults spend a good amount of time in their cars commuting from one place to another. Sometimes people are also found to have sentimental values attached to their cars because of all the happy times they spent with their family and friends in them. At this point, it gets quite difficult for them to replace such an asset and they might want it to run as long as possible. So mentioned below are some old car maintenance tips which are going to help you to maintain long-time ownership of your car.

Change the oil of your car regularly

Oil flowing throughout the body of the engine lubricate all its components and keeps it from overheating which is quite essential for the smooth operation of cars on the road. Hence it is important to change the oil of your car routinely to increase its longevity. It is recommended to change the oil after a run of 5000 km or every three months, whichever comes first. This will help you mark the problems that might be generating, like oil leaks which will eventually exhaust the overall oil level of your vehicle.

Check the ball bearings

A rusty ball bearing will increase the friction generated while rotation of wheels. So make sure the ball bearings are working smoothly. If not, a bit of oiling and greasing will do the trick. This will increase the longevity of wheels and also the engine of your car.

Routine maintenance of the cooling system

High-pressure fluid, also known as coolant flows through a hose to keep the engine cool. This plays a very crucial role in deciding the lifetime of your car engine. So make sure that your car always has the coolant level maintained and add new coolant if required. Also, because of the pressurised movement of fluids through the hose, the odds of it generating a leak is quite high in old cars. So have them checked properly at the time of maintenance. The fluid pump also has a substantial role to play in the smooth functioning of the cooling system of your car. If you ever see a green fluid leaking out of your car it is a sign that the fluid pump of your vehicle is not at its best condition. So replace it as soon as possible before it gets too late.

Accelerate slowly at the time of start-up

Just as your muscles need a warm-up before performing any heavy workouts, the engine of your car needs to warm up before you race it on the roads. Most wear and tear of components of the engine takes place in the first 10 to 20 minutes post to its ignition hence accelerate at a slow pace when you begin the drive of the day.