Chair Vs Sofa – What’s Ideal for Your Living Room?

There is certainly a great deal of choice out there when it comes to picking living room furniture. Those starting out with an empty room to furnish will be constantly asking themselves the age-old question – chair vs sofa? So, what should we consider when answering this important question? It will help define the comfort and feel of our living space.

Where to start planning your living room space?

The size and space of your living room is probably a good place to start. Is the room part of an open-plan layout? Or is it part of something more segregated? A larger space gives you greater scope when choosing between sofas and chairs, in that it clearly gives you more freedom to choose both. The majority of people, however, do not have this luxury and therefore must consider other things.

Parker Knoll Chairs or Sofas? Which is best for your room?

Spaces with high ceilings are well suited for sofas or Parker Knoll chairs with high backs, while furniture with a lower back is good if you need to create the illusion of more space in a smaller room.

Sofa and Chair Combo

If symmetry is your thing, then a pair of sofas is the natural choice, as these can be easily aligned to create that even and energetic feeling you desire. If you do want a sofa and chair combo though, then you can always use a small table and lamp next to the arm chair to even out the space and line up the two sides.

Open Plan Spaces

The growing trend of open-plan living spaces can actually create problems for those who previously may have always preferred sofas. Given that in an open plan, every wall section is used for either a wall unit, window, TV or something else, it is very difficult to place sofas in an arrangement that doesn’t render invisible something important that you hope people will be able to see comfortably. In this case, a selection of chairs would be advantageous.

Another advantage of using chairs over sofas is the creation of a stronger feeling of personal space. If you are someone who values your own space, then not having to share it on a sofa could be a good option.

Explore the range of Parker Knoll sofas and chairs on our website and see which ones would be the most suitable for your living space.